Writers Block

Can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet. I managed to get my first ‘App’ up on apples app store. Check it here it’s a simple and fun app for those wanting to write and either don’t know what to write about or those who just want a warm up. Free writing as I mention in the dialogue is just that, writing without limitations and is a great way for writers to get going, either as a bit of fun or when they are stuck. I have made it as easy to use as possible you press the button and get a Who, What and Where. There is  only one ‘option’ and that is a button to choose wether the who is a human or anything goes. By anything goes it could be a human, animal or alien. So you can take it seriously and write a whole book from what you get, a short story, song, comedy sketch, script or poem. Use all of the Who, What and Where, or use one or two of them.

Speaking with a friend, I’m told this is also good for ‘Actors’ as it gives something to do for a warm-up.

So wether you’re and actor, novelist, poet, song writer, student, or just write for yourself, download it, try it and importantly let me know what you like and don’t like. I have quite a few more app ideas, but would love to have good feedback (positive or negative) so I can update this app and work it into newer apps.


Unfortunately it’s only currently available on iPhone.