Zbrush / Modo workflow

Finally got round to watching the fantastic tutorial form Henning Sanden and Morten Jaeger of flipped normals dot com

My Modo ability is good and my character modeling in Modo isn’t too shabby either. But with Zbrush I definitely need some practice, my main reason for not delving into Zbrush to much was not being able to transfer the model to Modo in a reasonable poly count, for rendering. That however is a thing of the past. I still have the last video to watch, however, I’m not much into post processing 3D work. Yes, thats a little daft as I process all my photos. But I will make time to see it.

The tutorial is quite lengthy, but and it’s a very big but, the content is excellent. My initial impression was that there was a lot of back and forth, but looking again from about midway through it’s not, it’s just a methodical way of working. Don’t get me wrong making a 3D character with the level that Henning and Morten are showing takes time. I can knock up a reasonable box model in a few hours, but the added detail here will take 4, 5 or even more times longer.

Henning shows the process using Modo 901, I’m on 801 and managed to follow along with ease. There are a couple of newer tools / processes he uses but nothing that can’t be followed on 801 and I would suspect earlier versions as well.

Now if you take the time to read the ‘Who’s it for’ information, as I did, you’ll be pleased to know its spot on. I would say you need to know the basics of both the software interfaces and have at least a simple working knowledge. But then if you’re looking for this tutorial you probably already do.

Another thing I like is that if they don’t like something they say they don’t like it and give a reason for it. Not to say something is bad, but to say I’d like it if X did Y. But then they work around it, no complaining / winging, they just get on with the job at hand.

Although not a sculpting tutorial there is plenty to watch and pick up on, but don’t expect a walkthrough of doing X,Y and Z. There is a ton of information in there and I’m sure I’ll need to watch some parts again to remember them, but if your in the need of a Zbrush to Modo tutorial (actually you could get a lot out of it if your in the need of a Zbrush to ‘something else’ tute) it’s a must buy.

So here’s the guy I made following the tute, I wasn’t copying what Henning was doing stroke for stroke, but I did follow the process. Next time I’ll make a better retopo mesh and spend more time sculpting the finer details, but to be honest I rushed to finish. Which is always a bad thing. However, still a lot better that I would of done before the tute.